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Jooki Rocks CES 2017

Jooki Rocks CES 2017

The best music player for kids is coming to Las Vegas, January 5-8 2017

MuuseLabs is a family tech and media IoT company. Jooki, its first product, is an award-winning, figurine-controlled wifi speaker that enhances play and develops children’s independence and imagination, away from screens.

Jooki is fully standalone and plays files stored locally (sourced from CDs or iTunes) and also supports wifi Spotify streaming and Bluetooth. It uses an intuitive figurine-based interface where each figurine is a playlist. Children operate Jooki by putting “Stars” on it. These Stars are figurines and tokens, and act as physical bookmarks to digital audio. Each toy includes an NFC chip that links to a playlist, podcast or web-stream. Parents manage what their children listen to by way of an app to upload music to Jooki and link Stars to it.

Funded on Kickstarter, Jooki is a fun music player that anyone can use anywhere, anytime. It is designed to share the magic of music with the entire family, including the youngest ones.

The company will be presenting live demos of Jooki at CES 2017 in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8.

Experience Jooki on booth #51543 at the Eureka Park, Sands Expo, Las Vegas.

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Jooki - The Jukebox For Kids (Explainer)

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