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Link spotify to your jooki

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Your Jooki's Warranty is provided under MuuseLabs Limited Hardware Warranty. MuuseLabs warrants that its hardware product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years starting from the date of original retail purchase. MuuseLabs reserves the right to final interpretation and decision.


Can Spotify free be used with Jooki?

Yes, this feature is available on both generations. Please beware that the Spotify Free subscription contains advertisements that cannot be blocked by Jooki, and could potentially be inappropriate for children. (Spotify Premium is ad-free)

Do I need an Internet connection to use Jooki?

To use Spotify or other streaming platforms internet connection is required. If the content is loaded to a memory card (Jooki 1st generation) or in the Jooki's internal memory (2nd generation) then no internet connection is required.

Will you continue to support Jooki 1st generation customers?

Yes - absolutely! We will keep upgrading the software and mobile app and will continue to offer you our full support. However regarding the hardware, we will only be focused on updating our 2nd generation as this reflects all of our current efforts and enhancements to Jooki.

Can the tokens and figurines of the 1st generation fit with the Jooki 2nd generation?

Yes. With a little extra push, the round tokens and figurines can fit in the Jooki 2nd generation.