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Head of Marketing / Growth Hacker

We are looking for an ambitious person to join our team to help with our customer acquisition and marketing. You’ll be responsible for our marketing and growth strategy and its implementation. This job has a wide focus, with plenty of chances to learn new things, all with the aim of promoting and growing the Jooki brand. It gives you a unique opportunity to work at an early stage startup with high growth potential and with an experienced team.

About you

You are smart and ambitious. Communication and being social is your thing. Perhaps you’ve got some marketing experience in another startup. Or perhaps you spent some time at a big corporation and are interested in how you can apply your talents in a different environment.

You realise that working in a startup can be a bit chaotic at times, but that’s fine because you prefer taking on responsibilities and getting stuff done over attending endless meetings. You have the power to decide, implement and be accountable. You understand that the role and marketing team will evolve as the company grows, with plenty of opportunities ahead.

You’re excited about shaping our marketing strategy together, lead our world-class digital marketing agency and sometimes diving into the implementation independently. You approach tasks in a logical manner and are constantly keeping an eye out for any new learnings. You solve problems that occur along the way. The whole company works in an agile (scrum) way, including Marketing & Sales.

Here’s an idea of some of the things we need help with. If you have previous experience with them, that’s great but not essential… What is essential is an inquisitive mind and a desire to learn and do new things.

  • Marketing Plan - define and align the goals with the founders, then own the creation of the yearly plans, and the required steps and milestones to achieve it.
  • Agency - Lead and follow-up with our digital marketing agency, and all other smaller players that we might handle directly (mostly in non English markets)
  • Growth hacking activities - taking an experimental approach to any new marketing activity, iterating until they deliver against our required metrics or are scrapped
  • Marketing campaign activity - creation, execution and analysis, this can include anything from writing blog posts and emails to setting up pay-per-click digital adverts
  • Toolbox - ability to use a vast variety of tools to achieve short and long terms goals (Improving email marketing, organic traffic, paid traffic, social Media, defining customer journey and using the best touchpoints … )
  • Manage social media and answer customer questions Attending events locally and internationally (with other team members)
  • Create basic marketing content (ads, flyers, video … ) for online and offline use
  • 360° - Collaborate with users, developers, designers and business stakeholders
  • Occasionally tackle any other jobs that may pop-up (like writing job descriptions or improving the messaging on the packaging !)

Skills and experience

Must-haves are:

  • 5+ years of experience in related field
  • Great communicator & team player. Quick learner. Gets stuff done.
  • Fluent spoken and written English and French. Dutch/Flemish is a plus.
  • Strong commercial instincts. Analytical thinker, data & metrics driven.
  • Own projects & results. A gets stuff done attitude.
  • Excited and curious about tech and digital more broadly.
  • Always looking at new techniques and eager to improve yourself.
Bonus points for knowing:
  • Paid advertising – Google, Facebook & retargeting.
  • A/B testing & conversion optimisation (making and testing assumptions, hence building hypothesis-based tests), especially of landing pages, ads, email subject lines etc
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • SEO / Content marketing
  • Collaboration, Cross-Promotions, Fairs
  • Experience with the target audience (parents and kids)
  • javascript/HTML/CSS
  • photoshop, illustrator, excel, ...

But don’t worry – we will provide training where needed.


  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: Brussels
  • Start date: Immediately

How to apply

To apply please send your CV and a word on why you would like to work with us to We’d appreciate you also include some elements of a marketing campaign you did or a Facebook ad you love (any product, any industry). Tell us what makes it a powerful message / what was the challenge, how you approached the problem, what were the results and if you would have done things differently today (how/what).


Junior Software Developer

The Position

We're looking for a junior software developer to join our dev team.


Your responsibilities will grow as you do and will include:
  • Working on our mobile app which is an essential component of the Jooki ecosystem.
  • Gathering requirements by talking to customers, reviewing support tickets and brainstorming with the team.
  • Prototyping app features with paper mockups or with UX tools.
  • Implementing new app features


  • Good eye for design!
  • Knowledge of a current mobile app development framework.
  • Knowledge of a modern programming language
  • You can pass the FizzBuzz test ;-)

The Company

Muuselabs make Jooki, a music player that kids can independently use in a safe and screen-free environment. We're a small Belgian startup with global ambitions.

The Location

Muuselabs has private offices at the Transforma BXL coworking in Evere, Brussels and we're an active part of the vibrant community there.

Why should you apply?

  • Lots of on-the-job learning - as a junior we'll give you tutoring and most importantly, time to learn.
  • You'll join a great team with lots of experience that share the same drive and excitement for creation as you do. 
  • You want to make a big impact in an awesome product.
  • You'll have a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities
  • Lots of flexibility and freedom.


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