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Info for Backers

The gift card

The gift cards serve as a payment method for any of the items in our store (including another Jooki). The gift card will not expire, and you can gift it to someone else.

Characters and tokens

Starting Jan 1st, 2018 22:00 CET you will be able to purchase the following items on our store:

  • Black characters set (limited edition, 80 sets available)  24.99€

  • White characters set  (limited edition, 80 sets available)  24.99€

  • 5-colored figurine box 24.99€

  • 5-token box 14.99€


Get a 4.99€ discount on the characters and tokens packs of your choice. Use the code "BACKERDISCOUNT" at checkout.

This code is strictly reserved to backers and you have to log in with the email address used in your Kickstarter or IndieGogo account.

We intend to offer more character designs on our online shop at some point in the future, although it is not yet clear when they will be ready.

Both the tokens and the additional characters require a software update on the device and the app. This software update will of course be free and will be rolled out the first week of 2018.

*The discount code is available until 01/31/2018 included. 
**Shipping is planned for the first week of 2018. It is free for orders placed before Jan 5th, 8:00 CET